arsenal football match

Day Trip to a Premier League Football Match Arsenal

Every year we always try to make a trip to a Premiership football match to see one of the biggest teams playing. This year we will be visiting Arsenal courtesy of and their page for Arsenal tickets. *


7:30am – Meet at football club

8:00am – Coach leaving for North London

9:30am – Tour of Arsenal football Museum 

10:45am – Ticket collection from Box Office. 

11:30am – Lunch at Arsenal Cafe and Restaurant

12:30 – Enter Stadium

15:00 – Arsenal Match Kick Off

17-00 – After the game we will meet up at a predesignated place and travel back to Silver End. 

arsenal football match


Fixtures for the Premier League games are always open to change however we fully expect there to be no reschedule of the event. Should there be a rescheduling of the event we will update this page with more information on the process for deciding what to do.

We as a football team pride ourselves in professional and therefore we fully expect all members to behave accordingly to our rules. We always enjoy a fantastic day at Arsenal and we expect the same this time.

For more information contact us direct here. 

* Tickets for the game are highly limited and will be sold on a first come basis to all team members.

We should have enough to cover all football players and there will be a maximum of 2 guests per player


We use money generated from sponsors and revenue from match fees to pay for lunch and transport, therefore all that is required is funds for Breakfast and Dinner.

What to Expect

messi surrounded

Defence Training Skills

For the defenders out there, you will understand the importance of positional marking, where to be on the pitch and how to generally defend your goal from the attacking team. This is the best video online for a quick low down from a professional coach on how to defend. If you like these videos please leave a comment and I will keep them updated.

Defending the goal is extremely important and therefore defenders must practice stopping the opposition from scoring. This video and training skills will help you practice positional marking for free kicks and corners. Keeping the formation for defence is highly important and this video will help you learn how to get to move and position yourself when the opposition are attacking.

The best defenders in the world are the ones that move with the play, here is a great list of the top 10 defenders.

Training with Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek.

Soccer Training for the Weekend

Watch this football coach teach the top 5 training skills that we also recommend for any young footballer.

This video is great to practice before a game and will definitely help improve your skills.

This video will teach you how to control the ball with your feet and go through practice drills on moving the ball with either foot in the opposite direction. ]The video will also display how to practice turning and running with the ball at your feet, this is important for mainly defenders and strikers looking at getting away from the opponent in a fast but controlled way.

The importance of keeping the ball is fundamental for all football teams, this video also goes through training drills that will teach you how to keep possession whilst looking for opportunities to pass or move into space.

Watch and practice, remember the best way to learn is to get on the football pitch and train.